News - Hahaha...well, is alive! NineSpoons at 2015-02-12 01:19:47's extremely funny to look back and see how dumb I was was I was young...

But, yes, this is a random database backup that I had laying around using random code-backup that I found on a hard-drive in my attack (and no, they didn't match up - it took me quite a while to fix all the stupid kinks.).

Just felt like messing around with code (and saw that was finally free again) and wasted my time to bring this random version up.

If anybody has ANY newer files PLEASE let me know! I can't find any of my newer code, and others can't find any of their old code either

Anyways, everything should be the same as when this backup was taken (posts, passwords, etc.), feel free to mess around.

News - Renovations Adam at 2005-11-12 22:42:36
UPDATE (Adam)-
I had to make the link color a tad darker so that you could distinguish between links and regular admin post color. Tell me if you like it; if you don't, give a better suggestion. I also changed the hover link-color to stand out more. That is all.

We have begun renovations on the site. Because of many of the extreme addons we are making (which still contain bugs and are incomplete), the new changes will not be released for some time. Note, though the site may not look too different when we release it publicly, NineSpoons is actually coding a brand spanking new CMS.

One of the new features that will be especially exciting to the new site will be an all new game reviews section (not in the forums). If you are interested, I made a word document here all about it: Game Review Outline.

Now I also made a document summarizing all of the changes we are planning on making here: All Changes.
News - Updates NineSpoons at 2005-11-07 15:29:20
Alrighty, well Adam and I have decided to take the site down Firday morning until sometime in the evening that same night.

We are doing this because we will be updating the site a TON. Making it look nicer, adding new features (I'm making a new review system and also we're going to make a new nice homepage) and fixing bugs.

If anybody would like to help make the site look better, please feel free to ask -> email: AIM: NineSpoons PM: NineSpoons. This can include pointers, new graphics ideas and ANYTHING else!

Also, please notify us of any problems, bugs or things that would like us to see change.

Anyways, hope you guys will enjoy the changes.


Edit: Okay, I've created a little text document that shows the changes that will be made. Also, because I was bored, I created a little PHP script that shows the text document in an ugly manner. --My php script version --The REAL text document (Looks much cleaner, includes tabs and such)
News - New features! NineSpoons at 2005-11-04 18:25:23
Every staff member now has a light blue color, which shouldn't hurt the eyes. It should also be perfectly easy to read.

Sorry, we can't do the customization anymore, it just looks too stange.

Though, link customization is still enabled.

(Edit: Firstly, I'd like to apologize for editing your newspost here, Neima, you can delete it at your leisure. Secondly, there are several crippling problems with this site when viewed from a Mac and/or through the "Safari" browser. These problems make the site very difficult to navigate, further, I cannot seem to create a new thread in any category. Also, the ENTIRE page is a link. If you click anywhere where there is not an actual link, it sends you to a page with a list of HG users. Please look into correcting these problems as this is the only computer/browser I can use at my school to view/edit/administrate this site. Thanks. -Req.)
News - Ampache NineSpoons at 2005-10-29 12:22:35
Aight, I'm going to add a maintenance session every morning. It will be at 4:00 AM EST, when nobody is really on, and will last for around five minutes -- nobody should be impacted. It will run a private message check, updating EVERYBODY'S pm count and such, Ampache account activation for new users, and some other security stuff. I'm thinking about writing a script to disable accounts that haven't been active for a year. Also, possibly reencrypting password (this wouldn't have a point to it, I just wanna feel special). And I'm also thinking about making a "red hot threads" forums, everynight it will look for threads that have had 50+ posts in them, and then it will move them to this forums (granted that they haven't been posted in for atleast a week). I'm open to sugestions, so give me some...~peace

Alright, you should have gotten' TWO private messages (And possibly emails, if your email addy was in your profile). PLEASE DELETE THE FIRST ONE AND DO NOT REFFER TO IT! Use the password and username from the second one and activate your account. (I fixed the activation script) After that, you're done! You can login with that password -> please edit your profile and set your password, email and name in there (your Ampache profile). EVERYBODY THAT HAD REGISTERED BEFORE (Emailed me) ACCOUNT HAD BEEN DISABLED -> YOU WILL NEED TO ACTIVATE A NEW ACCOUNT! Notify me of any errors...I'm sure there will be some, I coded that entire activation process VERY quickly...

On another note, I am planning on adding an entire Ampache module to HG (When vacation comes around and I have some time). This will include listing your favorite songs in your profile, rating songs, playing the top rated songs, playing one users favorite songs, reviewing songs and song requests.

We've got a new music managment system on the NEICOMA networks! Yay! It's all LEGAL music that is streaming, so it IS legal to listen to these songs. Anyways, the program is called Ampache and it is awesome. Adam and I are working on adding all of our legal music, so expect much more in the coming days. (We've already got around 2GBs of MP3s...) - The URL for the service

To get a user account on Ampache, please Private Message me OR email me. ( ) When contacting me please PROVIDE YOUR HG USERNAME, EMAIL , AND DESIRED PASSWORD!


PS Contact me with questions, comments, and bugs!
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